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Those with built‑in effects also make it easy to provide simple artist cue mixes with reverb, delays or other effects, without having to deal with the prospect of latency that plagues so many audio interfaces.

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While it's perfectly possible to run a studio without any sort of mixing desk these days, and to rely largely on an audio interface with built-in preamps and monitoring facilities, a small mixer can still represent very good value for money — particularly by the time you've taken account of the preamps, EQ, patching and monitor‑control facilities.

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You also get a three‑band EQ (four‑band if you include the switchable 100Hz hh‑pass filter), with hh (10k Hz) and low shelf (80Hz) filters and a 1Hz, fixed‑Q, swept mid‑band in between.

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Alongside the likes of Mackie and Allen & Heath, Soundcraft have long been one of the leading manufacturers of small‑format mixers that are suitable for use on stage and in the home studio.

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