Honda & Acura Manual Transmission Oil Change How To

If anyone of you that own a 5th Gen have an SS Auto, then you may be aware that Honda has finally decided to warranty 2000-2001 Prelude Auto Transmissions up to 100,000 miles.

Changing the transmission fluid on a Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5.

Well everyone, It may not actually be everything, but I fure that I should post information I've got on the SS Auto's here.

Download Freee Ebook And <strong>Manual</strong> Files Bgest Source

Download Freee Ebook And Manual Files Bgest Source

I'm going to post that info here for everyone: SS Auto Background: Honda used the Prelude as it's test bed for much of it's new technology.

Honda accord transmission fluid drain

2) Transmission went very early on (usually under 30,000 miles), and possibly again afterwards.

2001 prelude manual transmission fluid change:

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