You don't need to slow charge the battery the first time.

Duratrax IntelliPeak Mini Pulse Charger

I just got my new Stampede, and a intellapeak pulse charger, and two Epic 3000mah Ni-hm batteries. Do I need to set it to "Slow Charge" for the first time a battery is charged? I think I can help you with this, the "Peak Charge Amps" determine how fast you charge the battery. You can set it around 4 amps to be on the safe side, but with my chargers I always dial it to the max that it can charge Ni-Mh (since that's what you have).

<b>IntelliPeak</b> AC/DC <b>Pulse</b>

IntelliPeak AC/DC Pulse

I think this should clear up your questions, but if you have any more don't hesitate to ask. How long should I expect out of a battery running at full speed?

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Thanks, So I charged my first battery pack in the discharge and then peak mode and when it switched over to "slow charge" mode, I removed the battery and it only last for at most 45sec, I charged the same battery up using the discharge then peak charge mode, it lasted a while longer. When if ever should I use "slow charge", "discharge", "auto-repeat cycling", and single cycle?

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