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I know I'm not touchin the hydraulic work myself, that's goin to the dealer. How b a problem is this to replace, can it be done at home or is it gonna need a shop with special tools. The dealer wants $1800 for the clutch and another $2000 worse case scenario on the hydraulics.

Massey Ferguson 65 Clutch Tractor Parts

I have an old 1970 Massey 165 Diesel that I need some advice on.

Honda Sporty Hybrid i DCD intellent Dual <strong>Clutch</strong> Drive System -.

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This thing runs great and starts everytime no matter how cold it is.

Honda Sporty Hybrid i DCD intellent Dual Clutch Drive System -.

The Hydraulics took a dump on it though and the clutch is adjusted all the way out and gonna need to be replaced.

Spicer dual-drive clutch manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates