Bosch Wff 1401 Service Manual

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User manual BOSCH WFF 1401 - Download

DON'T FORGET : ALWAYS READ THE USER GUIDE BEFORE BUYING !!! Leave detergent drawer open so that residual water can evaporate. Note on comparative tests: test the test programme with maximum load, Wash Plus X addicional function selected, maximum spin speed. Lastmanuals, for instance, does not offer a translation service.

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User manual BOSCH WFF 1401 - MY PDF

If this document matches the user guide, instructions manual or user manual, feature sets, schematics you are looking for, download it now. 1 litre of water and then pour measuring cup of detergent into dispenser II. ] Aqua Plus R Increased water level and additional rinse cycle, extended washing time. When washing the maximum load for programmes marked with * , always select the Wash Plus X additional function.

User manual BOSCH WFF 1201 - Download

We hope that this BOSCH WFF 1201 user guide will be useful to you. Add detergent and care product Meter accordingly: Washing amount, soiling, water hardness (ask your water supply company) and manufacturer's instructions. Washing with different degrees of soiling Lht heavy Wash new items separately. F F Start/Pause M For starting or interrupting the programme. Soaking Load washing of the same colour Pour soaking agent/detergent into dispenser II according to the manufacturer's instructions. Programmes without prewash pour detergent into dispenser II, programmes with prewash divide detergent between dispensers I and II. Mix 1 tablespoon of fabric conditioner with litre of water and pour into dispenser II in the detergent drawer.

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